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It's a simple process to come ride your steed at the Stofskop. Please read through the steps below and before you know it you will be going fast and turning left:

I am over 18yrs old

Complete your online entry form and submit.

You have booked your ride at the Stofskop.

Turn up at the track and cough up your cash.

Saddle up and ride into the dust.


REMEMBER your ride is not guaranteed until your entry is received. Entry numbers are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Entry costs are R600.00 per bike on the day



Entries close on 31 August 2024

SUCCESS - Thanks for dust we trust



 A week before the event you will receive your entry email.

Along with some reasonably useful information the email includes 1 x free spectator ticket, maybe for your dearly beloved or long suffering mechanic. Please print and bring with you.

AND NOW.....?

Go fix your bike, pull out a dodgy costume and count down the days until the Stofskop........

The first rule of Stofskop is there are no rules!

However there are a few guidelines and, err, rules so please check out the following:

Riding motorcycles can be dangerous, riding inappropriate road bikes around a flat dirt track dressed as Elvis Presley....can be  


We are all here to have a fun day and mitigate any possible injuries, so:

All bikes will be technically inspected to ensure they are not a complete liability to you and others.

All glass items ie lights, mirrors, etc must be taped up.

Helmet, boots, gloves, eye protection (visor or goggles), long sleeves and long trousers are NON-NEGOTIABLE and must be worn. We recommend leathers and/or body armour.


You have to be 18 years or older to enter and ride.

It's not a race its a fun run what you brung day so please play nicely!



This is a fun motorcycling event and not a competitive motorsport race.  You must ensure your riding actions do not put others in danger.  Despite the organisers and partners taking all reasonable precautions unavoidable accidents can happen, in respect of this you are present at your own risk.

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