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Stofskop 2023


The Event


2023 sees the return of the going fast and turning left.  It's time to head back into the garage, move all those boxes of junk, the rusting exercise bike and blow the dust of your battle hardened Stofskop Steed.  Maybe check those boxes for you favourite Stofskop riding kit.....where are those angel wings and pink wig?



12 August 2023



Your Stofskop stories will unfold at Randfontein Raceway.

We are excited to be back at Randfontein. 

Widely known as the home of oval racing in SA, Randfontein has been going fast and turning left since 1996.

Located 40km west of JHB the facilities are top notch and the dust why not pull in.


If you dig the dust and want to enter the Stofskop here is how to do it:


1 - Email a photo of your bike to


2 - We will then email you a link to the entry form.

3. Before the event you will receive your riding info.


If you need any help use the contact form and we will happily assist (scroll all the way down for the form)


The first rule of Stofskop is there are no rules!

However there are a few guidelines and, err, rules so please check out the following:

Riding motorcycles can be dangerous, riding inappropriate road bikes around a flat dirt track dressed as Elvis Presley....can be  We are all here to have a fun day and mitigate any possible injuries, so:

All bikes will be technically inspected to ensure they are not a complete liability to you and others.

All glass items ie lights, mirrors, etc must be taped up.

Helmet, boots, gloves, eye protection (visor or goggles), long sleeves and long trousers are NON-NEGOTIABLE and must be worn. We recommend leathers and/or body armour.

You have to be 18 years or older to enter.



Spectator charge R50 per adult at the gate.

Each spectator ticket is an entry into the Grand Prize Draw

Children under 12 no charge.

Volunteers, want to help out on the day, drop us a line and let us know.

Main Event

midday...ish till 16:00

Prize Giving


Inappropriate Road Bike

Bikes that could reasonably be or are being used on the road.   Lights and glass taped up. Slap some off road tyres on your S1000RR and pull in.

Moped Mash

Step through, pull back and go, shopping basket on the front.  Small capacity and big fun.

Chops & Bobbers

Choppers, bobbers, cruisers and customs.  Hard tails, soft tails no waging tails.

Scrambler & Tracker

Built or bought road or nearly road legal. 

Plastic Pigs

MX, off road, Supermoto and enduro.


The Grand Prize Draw.....Rules for playing

Only one entry per person.

A completed prize draw entry ticket, with email address, is required to enter.

Draw is made at the end of the event.

Winners need to be present to collect their prize.

Thanks for your email address,  will spam you with info for the next event.

Entry background 296.jpeg

What's the Stofskop

The Stofskop is a social motorcycle event inspired by the idea of providing an affordable flat track day on the dirt oval. This annual event started in 2016 with a small break for a pandemic.


It's fun day out for both motorcycle enthusiasts and spectators.  

We want to motivate you to dig out a neglected ride or a carefully selected mean machine and pit your wits and machinery against the like minded.  

The track is oval, flat and dirt. There is the smell of petrol in the air.  Hook first gear, the flag is up.....its a Stofskop.

So step up & dress up for Stofskop classes such as:

Inappropriate Road Bikes

Moped Mash

Plastic Pigs

Chop's & Bobbers

Scramblers & Trackers

Alongside the whaky riding will be vendors supplying food, craft beer, bike bits, beards, dust, and other stuff.  So pull on your boots and pack in the kids for a day in the dust.

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In dust we trust...

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